Realising the Ambition

Published by Education Scotland, February 2020

At Busy Bees we strive to provide a high quality provision – one of the ways we achieve this is through parental involvement:

What is parental involvement? Parental involvement describes the ways in which parents can get involved in the life and work of the ELC or school setting. Parental involvement includes activities such as parental representation in the development of the vision, policies or improvement plans of the setting and other key decisions. Published by Education Scotland, February 2020

As a community run nursery all parents will automatically become a committee member once their child is enrolled. We are an inclusive environment, where everyone’s voice can be heard and respected. We pride ourselves with a strong committee and community support, as we develop our vision for the nursery. Events include Seasonal Fayre, New Year Draw and Community Café Breakfasts. Working Group events throughout the year bring the multiple generations of our community together to maintain the building and grounds, with social lunches included.

What is parental engagement? Parental engagement is about parents’ and families’ interaction with their child’s learning. It can take place at home, in the setting or in the community. Where it takes place is not important. The important thing is the quality of the parent’s engagement with their child’s learning, the positive impact that it can have and the interaction and mutual development that can occur as a result of that interaction. An example of this would be working in partnership with parents in the creation and review of their child’s personal plan in ELC. It is important that the child and their parents or carers are recognised as experts in their own experiences. Published by Education Scotland, February 2020

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