We are a committee-run partner centre with CALA (Care and Learning Alliance) and Highland Council. Registered by the Scottish Social Services Council.

As a community run nursery all parents will automatically become a committee member once their child is enrolled. We are an inclusive environment, where everyone’s voice can be heard and respected. We pride ourselves with a strong committee and community support, as we develop our vision for the nursery. Events include Seasonal Fayre, New Year Draw and Community Café Breakfasts. Working Group events throughout the year bring the multiple generations of our community together to maintain the building and grounds, with social lunches included.

Committee meetings are held on regular intervals, with an AGM in September. Newsletters and emails will be sent reminding parents/carers of these meetings.  Copies of minutes will be available by email.

Current Management Committee

Chair – Lynne Swanson    Secretary – Freja Foubister    

Treasurer – Neil James   Media – Sharon Dismore

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